Me and Code !

Hello there! So here’ the first post explaining my relation with google code-In. I have been a programming addict since class 9 and now I’m in class 12 ! in the past 4 years or so I have taught myself from the internet, tried learning about a dozen of languages, and have somehow managed to get myself comfortable in about half of them.

When I was in class 9, programming used to be kind of a dream to me. Actually, the word programming was too hyped and everyone used to share their opinions on how difficult it was. I still remember that I download a drag and drop website maker in which all I had to do was drag and drop components in the area and the result was a beautiful HTML site.

Then was a got a bit familiar with HTML, then is started using some CSS frameworks like bootstrap and got to know about javascript. As my first scripting language, php was my choice. Later on, I went about discovering the power of other languages and practiced them too.

It was in class 10 that I participated in Google Code-in and so this is my third year in the event and perhaps the last one too. I still remember the organization that I chose to work was, FOSSASIA. the sole reason for that was because the tasks were bit sized and easy to follow up (the main reason 😛 ). I recall sitting at my dining table with my old Acer laptop and trying to use GitHub using the GitHub desktop application. What a pain it was! The first year was what I call, um, satisfactory.

Next year too, I worked with FOSSASIA and did about 15 tasks. The best thing about FOSSASIA is that the tasks are so easy and fun that it’s actually a game that you’re playing and not programming!

This year too, I’m working with FOSSASIA and the community is really supportive. All problems are readily discussed and new ideas are appreciated too! One can easily judge the community nature by the fact that since the day I got to know about Google Code-in, of all the reviews I read of organizations, their tasks, and their mentors, I was pulled to FOSSASIA in the very first year when I knew almost nothing. The Mentors helped me then, and the mentors help me even today. I have never ever met any member of FOSSASIA personally or had a casual chat with anyone, but still, even only by formal conversations, i’ve become kind of so comfortable with them. Actually feels like home! A big developer Family!

In my own PC too, prefer using open source software now. The main reason being customizations and cost 😉 ! During Google Codein, the main mode that i used to communicate is, Gitter ! It has awesome interaction with Github and has all modern features too!

I have even put up posters of FOSSASIA and Google Code-In in my school and as the School Captain, and the head of Trojan HOrses Club (Our computer science club), I have recommended FOSSASIA in the meetup we had. Because there’s no other organization to start with! Especially for beginners who want to try their hand out into open source and programming.

This year, I’m facing a lot of problems as I have two preboards during the competition. So,

 Study the day, Code the Night !

Visit Fossasia , Fossasia Blog, Google Code-In Site



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