Interview with Anjali Sharma

ME         :               Hello Mam, I’m here to talk about Google Code-in with Fossasia.

ANJALI  :               Hi Yash, it’s always a great experience sharing views with you.

ME         :               What’s your name, Ma’am?

ANJALI  :               My name is Anjali Sharma.

ME         :               Where are you from?

ANJALI  :               I belong to Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

ME         :               Where do you teach?

ANJALI  :               Doon International School, Dehradun.

ME         :               Are you a Computer Enthusiast?

ANJALI  :               Yes, just like you kid.

ME         :               Which website is most used by you in daily tasks?

ANJALI  :               One and only, Google. A one-stop solution for every possible question.

ME         :               Your comments on Computer Literacy in Doon International School?

ANJALI  :               Before your active participation in the Computer Awareness and Literacy, there was nothing special in this school. Only regular classes and laboratories were a part of the curriculum. Basically, the textbook was considered to be the bible and no “Out-of-Box” ideas were discussed ever. But then, the Computer Club formed by you came as a savior for the Computer Enthusiasts, who were otherwise just sitting in a corner silently due to lack of focus on this area. The seminars conducted by you on IT Awareness, Cyber Security, Basic Computing, Machine Learning, FossAsia were the inception of Computer Literacy in the school. Kids got to know about coding, algorithms, machine learning, automation, programming and other coding events like Hour of Code and Google Code-In.

ME         :               You just mentioned Google Code-In in your last answer. Would you like to say anything about it?

ANJALI  :               Yes, for sure. Google Code-in is a global online contest open for all school students to Class XII. The sole purpose is to get them introduced to Open Source Development. To begin with Google Code-In, nothing except a “Desire” is required. There is no need to have any prerequisite skills, if you have a computer and a burning desire to code, to the program, go for it.

ME         :               What is Open Source Development?

ANJALI  :               Open Source Development is working upon the software and product, whose source code is publicly available for interpretation, learning, and modification.

ME         :               Any idea about the type of Tasks allotted in Google Code-In?

ANJALI  :               Yes, they are quite easy. They are easy enough to motivate a beginner to participate and keep participating. Tasks include Coding, Research, Promotion, Improvement and Documentation etc.

ME         :               Do you motivate your students to participate in Google Code-In and How?

ANJALI  :               Yes, I do. In fact, we both do. We’ve done this through seminars and one to one interaction. Also, the rewards from their side are a huge motivation for anyone to participate. Who doesn’t want a Google T-Shirt and look a geek on the campus?

ME         :               Thanks, Anjali Mam, that was nice talking to you.

ANJALI  :               God Bless You Yash, Good Luck !!!





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