Interview with a Fellow Developer !

Yash Kumar Verma @YashKumarVerma Dec 14 22:52
hello there !

Kuba Michalski @kubami9 Dec 14 22:52

Yash Kumar Verma @YashKumarVerma Dec 14 22:54
So Kuba, tell me more about you

Kuba Michalski @kubami9 Dec 14 22:56
So, yeah my name is Kuba, I’m from Poland and I attend to technical school (let’s say it’s somewhat like colleague) in Warsaw. I’m 17 years old and I’m kinda geek.

Yash Kumar Verma @YashKumarVerma Dec 14 22:57
so a technical school ? what all are the technologies covered there ?

Kuba Michalski @kubami9 Dec 14 23:01
It’s divided into 3 modules: computer fixing (generally it’s about hardware and systems), networking and programming. 1,5 year for each module (this school takes 4 years) in exactly this order

Yash Kumar Verma @YashKumarVerma Dec 14 23:01
quite interesting ! so may i know the programming languages you are familiar with ?

Kuba Michalski @kubami9 Dec 14 23:05
Actually since it’s the last module and I’m in a second grade the answer should be: none But generally I’m in love with web development and I learn JavaScript. I was also learning a little bit of Python but only some very basics. I’m more of a front-end guy who’s also a little bit interested in web design

Yash Kumar Verma @YashKumarVerma Dec 14 23:06
so javascript right ? how did you come to know about Google Codein ?

Kuba Michalski @kubami9 Dec 14 23:09
Yeah, from programming languages only JavaScript :smiley: Few years ago my cousin who’s a programmer mentioned me about it but I wasn’t really interested at that day. Last year I accidentally entered GCI website and I decided to check it out. I completed 3 tasks, just to know what’s going on and get free t-shirt 🙂

Yash Kumar Verma @YashKumarVerma Dec 14 23:12
and what made you come to FOSSASIA as a organization ?

Kuba Michalski @kubami9 Dec 14 23:15
Quoting my article:

The main reasons were: comfortable technologies, big and helpful community (which I experienced last year) and many projects too choose from on GitHub with different difficulty level making it easier to start even for someone like me, who actually is just a freshman.


Yash Kumar Verma @YashKumarVerma Dec 14 23:15
and how do you find this year’s task ?

Kuba Michalski @kubami9 Dec 14 23:18
I think there are the easy and the hard ones like every year. This time I decided to push myself to the limits so generally I’ll stick with the hard ones answer. Especially that I’m fighting right now with Hugo website to start working

Yash Kumar Verma @YashKumarVerma Dec 14 23:39
any advice you’d give to a new programmar

Kuba Michalski @kubami9 Dec 14 23:42
Don’t give up, enjoy and always read full documentation before starting a project

Yash Kumar Verma @YashKumarVerma Dec 14 23:51
thanks a lot

Kuba Michalski @kubami9 00:05
You’re welcome!


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