How I fixed an Issue in a FOSSASIA project

Hello There! So, the core of open source development is that the code is available for everyone to use. And when it’s open for everyone to use, then obviously there are more eyes, more hands and more minds behind the logic, implementation, and support of the project. The same is the backbone of contributions in open source.

This year in Google Codein, the tasks are super fun. the reason is that we the students are wonrking on projects and software which are under use. So finding bugs and fixing them is a fun task, and more fun is working and discussing things with others.

So here’s how I fixed on the issues in the main FOSSASIA GOOGLE CODEIN SITE.

I have till date worked on about half a dozen of issues in the Google Code-In Site. The first issue was to add a template for pull request and issue. What the task needed was very simple. To create a GitHub specific directory named “.github” and create two files into the same. I did the needful and then pushed my changed to my own forked repository. Then I tested the changes if they were working fine in my fork. When I was sure that they were working fine, I made a pull request to the parent FOSSASIA branch and mentioned in the commit message that I have fixed that issue using the hashtag! The community members reviewed my work, then one by one approved the changes I made. Finally, one of them approved all the changes and merged my branch with the main parent branch and BAM! The main repository had the changed I’d made!


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